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5 must-have Android productivity apps

Whatever people do and whenever they go, smartphones and tablets accompany them. Nowadays, mobile devices have impressing capabilities and convenient features to become perfect assistants. Mobile development companies have empowered gadgets with office mobile application development in London features, calendars, to-do lists, and other productivity apps that make your private and business routine more pleasant and productive. JatApp experts recommend the following best apps for Android devices to increase your productivity.

WPS Office: A Convenient Mobile Office

Some users still remember the well-designed Kingsoft Office. Now they can enjoy its updated version – WPS Office application. This app includes tools to work with documents, tables, and presentations. It supports popular .doc, .xls, and .ppt formats. One of the advantages of WPS Office is cross-referring multiple files and using Google Drive, click http://jatapp.org/ Dropbox, and other cloud services. Many individuals prefer this app to the solutions developed by other mobile development companies like Microsoft Office suite of mobile apps.


Feedly: News on the Move

This is a nice reading tool, which allows access to the news using one of the three interfaces. First, a text-only format that is ideal for quick browsing; you will not miss anything important in the news feed. Second, a flash magazine style layout with impressive graphics for a more pleasant experience. Third, a card-style interface that combines the aforementioned two layouts. You can choose yourself what updates of blogs, websites, or RSS subscriptions you would like to follow. The benefit of this program is that it can save articles for offline reading and then share the favorite content through other popular apps.

Quip: A Helpful Collaborative Tool

The mobile productivity app market attracts many mobile development companies. Some of them like Quip bring something truly interesting to the field. They managed to combine the communication tools and content and created living documents that allow users to work with files in different formats while using notes, to-do lists, and mobile application development other effective features. Quip imports files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote. The aforementioned options boost productively of both an mobile app development http://jatapp.org/top-of-the-line-mobile-app-development-in-london/ individual and a working team. Thus, you always stay tuned to what your colleagues have decided and how they have changed your ideas.

Asana: Projects and Communication

The Asana mobile development company is widely known for its outstanding app designed to help users organize their emails and enhance team project communication. As a user, create new projects or join existing ones, assign tasks or take the responsibility, set due dates or request more time. You can easily share ideas, notes, and recommendations. Moreover, teams can also use Asana in the Web app. Its free capability is 15 people, but you can increase it by purchasing a Premium version.

LastPass: Security and Organization

LastPass is a single app that consists of a password generator, browser, and a password vault. So, you do not need to mobile app development hyderabad in New York waste time generating another password, thinking of where to keep it, and considering the security issues. The software quickly fills in login forms in Chrome, Safari, and other popular browsers. You can quickly make the necessary updates and note down important information using Secure Notes. The latter in a proven way to keep your private data safely and in hand.

Mobile development companies, including JatApp, design new solutions to bring effectiveness, productivity, and security to your everyday activities. Some api development services minor features like business notebooks or all-in-one printers can bring a difference to your office and help you deal with numerous home tasks. Either way, remember that some hidden gems can be revealed only with the assistance of the professionals, so follow our reviews to find out more about the amazing world of Android and other mobile applications.

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